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Eruvadhril Edainwen
18 November 1988
Leeming, Western Australia, Australia
Interests: (26)
agatha christie, bagenders, bows, christopher eccleston, dan brown, discworld, doctor who, his dark materials, hobbits, lemony snicket, lord of the rings, lynne truss, medieval, monty python, movies in 15 minutes, nazgirls, philip pullman, raymond e. feist, reading, ricahrd armitage, robin hood, swords, terry pratchett, the lamentable wasps, the stupidring parody, tolkien
I love Lord of the Rings and everything to do with Tolkien, I love reading, and music. I like the TV shows Doctor Who, CSI, Skithouse and Silent Witness, and the singers/bands Tripod, Enya, Grand Central and those ones that do classical music. I like the books The Silmarillion, The Hobbit, Lord of the Rings, A Series of Unfortunate Events (a.k.a. The Aggrivating Books), Harry Potter, that guy who writes the Lincoln Rhyme books whose name I can't remember, and Raymond E Feist. Also Bagenders and Fellowship of the Replica Ring, which are fanfics, and Darth Maligna's, and Cleolinda Jones', movie parodies. Terry Pratchett is a fantastic author.

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